It's our passion to bring UniQue western events
to the world.


We put your customer in the spotlight.


It's not about us.  Or you [sorry!]. But only about your customer. We create value for them by connecting our passion to your business purpose.

And by putting your customer in the middle of a great event.

Be it a rider, a spectator, a new vendor, or an enthusiastic visitor. Or whoever else shares our love for unique western events and horses!


What we bring to the table.

Four sound legs for your successful event:

  • Horse industry experience - We have organized and managed NRHA, NCHA, NRCHA/ERCHA & FEI events. Starting from putting the schedule together together, selecting judges, setting up a high performance team, creating all necessary forms, managing the financials, running the show, and reporting the results back to the associations.
  • Leading & collaborate - A horse show can only be run by a great team! And everyone brings his or her own set of skills, experiences and personality. We bring the team together, manage the little ups & downs that can and will happen, but always focus on the job at hand and never forget the fun and joy that we all need to make your event a success.
  • Project management, consulting & marketing know-how - In addition we have a profound knowledge how to manage your show as a project from start to finish, consult to create "an event" out of a normal show, and how to bring that to market.
  • Network of experienced partner - Every horseman knows: You are nothing without a good partner! Even more so when organizing an event all around horses. We have a network of experienced partners, starting with show office personnel, announcers, over ground & footing team, cattle crew to photographers & videographers, PR & Marketing experts up to a professional fair company.

We have been involved with organizing horse events from local clinics, regional horse shows to the AmericanA for more than 20 years.

And we have just started!

Meet the team

Sandra Quade

  • Has been a cowgirl since she was 6 years old
  • She joined the horse business in 2010 and she went directly all in as part of the Show Office Team for the AmericanA, one of Europe's biggest horse show hosting prestigious reining, cow horse & cutting events since 1986
  • By profession she keeps a Master of Art in Globalization, Transnationalization & Governance. She has gathered professional experiences in adminstration and management as an Erasmus coordinator of European students during her time at the University in parallel to her professional career as a Commercial employee after her apprenticeship
  • Since 2011 she is part of Ready-Steady-Show Inc. and a Managing Director since 2012
  • She is a proud mom of a soccer loving 8 year old son


Joachim W. Bochmann ("Knuffi")

  • Been on horse-back since he was 9, he just loves to spend time at the ranch and with horses and works cattle whenever possible
  • Involved in organizing horse events since 1994, started his first own horse business in 1999 organizing clinics, managing shows, and moderating small and big events. Some examples: the Western Hall at the Equitana (a 9 day horse crazy event with over 200,000 vsitors) presenting western horse breeds, different disciplines as well as clinicians to a wide audience; the first Western Forum at the AmericanA starting in 2000, and various evening shows (Quarter horse shows, Equitana, AmericanA)
  • He joined the AmericanA Team in 1992, took over the Show Management in 2002; he is co-founder of Ready-Steady-Show Inc. and a Managing Director since 2012
  • He is a Digital Marketer, Account & Project Manager, Leading a Team of Digital Enthusiasts, Horseman, Event organizer, Husband and Dad (of two great girls) always looking for something new or old ;-) to learn!


What can we do for you? We love to hear from you!